Degenerate Sunshine Dio Sandals Sports

One day Shadow Mario woke up and decided to take a shit because hey he’s Shadow Mario. Shitting all over the island is kind of his job after all. However Mario would have none of this degeneracy on his vacation and bust down the door, wielding FLUDD on his back while wearing his Hawaiian shirt and sandals. However he was too late, as Shadow Mario had already begun his shitting rampage, unleashing a rain of diarrhea all over the room. Mario attempted to clean up the endless stream of brown but could not keep up with the pace induced by Shadow Mario’s Taco Bell binge. Things were looking grim, however…

“IT’S-A-ME! DIO!” Mario ripped off his facemask, revealing his true identity as a Jojoke. Shadow Mario gasped as Japanese text filled the room menacingly. Mar-Dio activated his stand, THE WORLD, stopping time or something. This allowed him to clean up Shadow Mario’s act in record time, causing a Shine Sprite to appear and Shadow Mario to attempt to escape out the window, caught with his pants literally down. Mar-Dio jumped up in victory to obtain his reward, but Toadette rushed into the room and grabbed it away, causing the Italian-Japanese Plumber to rage incoherently at the audacity of this bitch.

“You can’t have this yet, Mario! You’ll have to win it fair and square!” Toadette announced, as Mar-Dio slowly realized what was coming. That’s right, it’s fucking Mario Party again. The other 3 contestants entered the room to play, each wielding their own stupidly broken Dice Blocks. However, Mar-Dio had an ace up his sleeve. He could simply stop time and hit the dice block whenever he wanted, thus guaranteeing all his rolls. He’d have that Shine Sprite yet. What he did not anticipate was the identity of the final contestant, Ness.

Or as I like to call him, Sans. Sans Undertale.

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