The Free Beans

This is the story of a man who won and a woman who lost.

The self checkout registers at my local grocery store always print out an extra coupon for you when you finish catered to your purchase. Typically they’re crap. You spent $50? Here’s a coupon that gives you $5 off if you spend $100 next time. Bought a box of cereal? Here’s a coupon to get half off on a box when buy three at once. Most people don’t even bother taking them. Me? I take them.

When I arrived home I looked over my loot, checking to see if I had gotten anything actually worth using. And that was when I found it. The golden ticket. A coupon for a free can of beans. I tripled checked the fine print. It really was just for a free can of beans. No strings attached. Finally I had gotten something good. The woman who had been in front of me had lost. Big time. What a fool. I was the one with the free can of beans now.

On my next trip to the store I searched the shelves. I had never bought canned beans before and the coupon only would work on a very specific brand and type. I found them in the corner of the aisle, covered with a thin layer of dust. Perhaps these beans don’t sell? Is that why they’re giving them away? Doesn’t matter. They’re free.

I brought the beans up to the register and scanned them along with the coupon. I was ready for one last catch to prevent me from getting the goods. But there was none, they really were free.

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Diantha’s Daily Diary – 2018-06-15

This series of posts used to be on my tumblr but I feel like here is a better place to put it.

So I less woke up and more regained consciousness, last night was a bad time, and I’d rather not talk about that. For the next 3 to 4 hours I was just informing people that I am okay now, with varying degrees of results. Next I had to tend to my animals, all of which are okay – except my colony of crickets I use to feed the other animals with. Breakfast today was some raspberries on my hobo flatbreads, not exactly filling but it gets the job done, instead of regular yogurt I used greek yogurt and it came out better then usual. A nice treat. I made a bunch of extra flatbreads to snack on for later. Then I got to work on some car stuff, mostly just an oil change. It is ungodly hot today like usual and of course that has to fuck something up, so good bye laptop. It’s not like thats important or anything. The rest of the day is me being irrationally mad at everyone and everything just because of the laptop failure. I got so mad during it I just threw my 3ds, I haven’t checked if I broke it or not. I didn’t eat lunch or dinner, I instead just went to bed at 16:00 and woke up the next day.

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A Big Little Vacation to Reno, Nevada

A Big Little Vacation to Reno, Nevada

Here is a little write-up about my vacation in May!

As we traveled through the wastelands of Fallout New Vegas to return to our home in Las Vegas, I found myself reflecting upon our road trip to Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, Nevada.
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