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My Minecraft Farm Episode 0: The Starting Point

Hello and welcome to my Minecraft farm blog. Today I will be starting on a new adventure to create a farm in Minecraft that grows all of the possible things you can grow, including livestock. I am not entirely new to the game, I played a lot back in the day but that was during the Alpha version before there were even beds. In order to provide an authentic learning and discovery experience for myself I will be doing my best to avoid reading the wiki. I will be going only off of knowledge I learned during the alpha and bits I picked up over time from hearing other people talk about the game.

Anyways, let’s get started. I created a new world about a week ago and put some work into getting the ball rolling. I found diamonds, made a portal to the nether, enchanted my tools, and set up a small house and farm. Here is what I collected along the way that is related to my farming goal.

Foods and related items looted from a dungeon and hostile villager outpost.

My humble home. Off to the left are some stairs that lead to a 1×1 hole containing lava. Its job is to incinerate extra dirt and cobblestone.

Now to take a look at the original farm. I discovered that if you hold seeds in your hands chickens will follow you and if you hold wheat in your hands cows and sheep will follow you. There are some pigs, horses, donkeys, llamas, and rabbits in the area as well but I’m not sure how to lead them back to a stable yet. Way more creatures than I remember there being. It seems you need to be extra careful around the llamas because they have a super spit attack.

Pens containing chickens, sheep, and cows. I need to figure out how to properly segregate the cows and sheep still.
My small wheat farm. In the middle I have a melon and on the other shore I have some sugar cane growing.

I also have a small area off to the right where I am growing some cacti. I can’t upload the image though because it’s larger than 2 MB.

While taking these pictures I encountered a skeleton at the bottom of the river.

An intense battle began. I made use of the large amount of eggs on hand to defeat the monster and collected an arrow for my troubles.

Here is the empty land I plan to use to create the farm. In my next post I’ll start the real work needed to become a professional Minecraft farm blogger.

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