The Free Beans

This is the story of a man who won and a woman who lost.

The self checkout registers at my local grocery store always print out an extra coupon for you when you finish catered to your purchase. Typically they’re crap. You spent $50? Here’s a coupon that gives you $5 off if you spend $100 next time. Bought a box of cereal? Here’s a coupon to get half off on a box when buy three at once. Most people don’t even bother taking them. Me? I take them.

When I arrived home I looked over my loot, checking to see if I had gotten anything actually worth using. And that was when I found it. The golden ticket. A coupon for a free can of beans. I tripled checked the fine print. It really was just for a free can of beans. No strings attached. Finally I had gotten something good. The woman who had been in front of me had lost. Big time. What a fool. I was the one with the free can of beans now.

On my next trip to the store I searched the shelves. I had never bought canned beans before and the coupon only would work on a very specific brand and type. I found them in the corner of the aisle, covered with a thin layer of dust. Perhaps these beans don’t sell? Is that why they’re giving them away? Doesn’t matter. They’re free.

I brought the beans up to the register and scanned them along with the coupon. I was ready for one last catch to prevent me from getting the goods. But there was none, they really were free.

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My Minecraft Farm Episode 1: Getting the Wood

Hello everyone! It has been quite some time since we last spoke. How have you been? Me? I have been hard at work building my Minecraft farm. Since it has been so long, I’d like to share the empty field as a reminder of where we will be starting.

The first task will be getting some wood which I will then use to build a fence.

It is no challenge to find wood. I first head over to the trees next to my pens and use a smaller tree to break down the big trees. However, this is not nearly enough.

Thankfully I have this tree farm right next to my portal to the Nether. I head over to the tree farm and smack them up to collect the rest of the wood that I need. It starts getting dark so I return to my home to begin crafting the wood into fences and gates to enclose the farm.

It’s hard to tell because of how dark it is, but there are less trees in the background now. I wanted to share this screenshot as proof that I did mine the trees. There is also a chicken outside of the window. Don’t look at it.

Thank you for reading the first post in my My Minecraft Farm series. Please look forward to Episode 2 where I build the farm.

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My Minecraft Farm Episode 0: The Starting Point

Hello and welcome to my Minecraft farm blog. Today I will be starting on a new adventure to create a farm in Minecraft that grows all of the possible things you can grow, including livestock. I am not entirely new to the game, I played a lot back in the day but that was during the Alpha version before there were even beds. In order to provide an authentic learning and discovery experience for myself I will be doing my best to avoid reading the wiki. I will be going only off of knowledge I learned during the alpha and bits I picked up over time from hearing other people talk about the game.

Anyways, let’s get started. I created a new world about a week ago and put some work into getting the ball rolling. I found diamonds, made a portal to the nether, enchanted my tools, and set up a small house and farm. Here is what I collected along the way that is related to my farming goal.

Foods and related items looted from a dungeon and hostile villager outpost.

My humble home. Off to the left are some stairs that lead to a 1×1 hole containing lava. Its job is to incinerate extra dirt and cobblestone.

Now to take a look at the original farm. I discovered that if you hold seeds in your hands chickens will follow you and if you hold wheat in your hands cows and sheep will follow you. There are some pigs, horses, donkeys, llamas, and rabbits in the area as well but I’m not sure how to lead them back to a stable yet. Way more creatures than I remember there being. It seems you need to be extra careful around the llamas because they have a super spit attack.

Pens containing chickens, sheep, and cows. I need to figure out how to properly segregate the cows and sheep still.
My small wheat farm. In the middle I have a melon and on the other shore I have some sugar cane growing.

I also have a small area off to the right where I am growing some cacti. I can’t upload the image though because it’s larger than 2 MB.

While taking these pictures I encountered a skeleton at the bottom of the river.

An intense battle began. I made use of the large amount of eggs on hand to defeat the monster and collected an arrow for my troubles.

Here is the empty land I plan to use to create the farm. In my next post I’ll start the real work needed to become a professional Minecraft farm blogger.

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Blizzard Announces a Port for Diablo Immortal

Shortly after the announcement of the terribly received mobile game “Diablo Immortal”, Activision/Blizzard devised a plan to port the game to expand its potential player base and bandage the deep wounds they’ve been inflicted by the fans on April Fools day of this year. In an interview with Wyatt Cheng, supposed Game Designer for Blizzard, his confidence that “The port of the new entry to the Diablo canon will feature everything fans loved from the previous entries”, and that “Nobody should be alarmed, as the game really has been made from scratch this time”. He insisted a lot on that last point.

Diablo Immortal on mobile systems.


The new mobile game was rumored to be a reskin of one of NetEase’s many cash grab asset flipping games, despite Activision/Blizzard being a triple A publisher, who have time and time again shown the gaming industry how to properly advertise and release a game.

Yesterday, 3 days after the initial announcement of Diablo Immortal, Wyatt announced the port of the upcoming game by pulling back the curtains, revealing a huge statue of a demon, presumably Diablo, dominating the stage. Except it wasn’t a statue of the iconic character: it was Diablo himself, walking forward and decimating the front seats of the theater. Various monsters were then spotted outside of the building where the announcement was made, terrorizing citizens around the city as they spread out. Wyatt shouted to the stage, trying to out-scream the wails of terror and pain, that Diablo Immortal was ported to Planet Earth, a first in the video gaming scene.


Outside the theater, moments after the port was announced and released.


It didn’t take long before Diablo fans on Twitter analyzed the situation. Hours after the announcement of the game, they called out on Blizzard for making the port of Diablo Immortal a reskin of Christianity’s version of “Apocalypse”, a Pay to Win game where your chances to enter the rankings (called “Heaven”) were increased by buying secondary currency (named “Faith”) via microtransactions, and that the monsters were just demons from hell with cardboard suits, making them look like Diablo monsters. Diablo himself looked a bit more like Thanos, although the devs proclaim that it is an intentional creative decision inspired by Disney.

Wyatt quickly responded to his accusators’ claims: “Don’t you gamers have a life?”. Unlike when the mobile version got revealed, he did not get booed, probably because everyone in the theater was occupied with not dying at that moment.

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Degenerate Sunshine Dio Sandals Sports

One day Shadow Mario woke up and decided to take a shit because hey he’s Shadow Mario. Shitting all over the island is kind of his job after all. However Mario would have none of this degeneracy on his vacation and bust down the door, wielding FLUDD on his back while wearing his Hawaiian shirt and sandals. However he was too late, as Shadow Mario had already begun his shitting rampage, unleashing a rain of diarrhea all over the room. Mario attempted to clean up the endless stream of brown but could not keep up with the pace induced by Shadow Mario’s Taco Bell binge. Things were looking grim, however…

“IT’S-A-ME! DIO!” Mario ripped off his facemask, revealing his true identity as a Jojoke. Shadow Mario gasped as Japanese text filled the room menacingly. Mar-Dio activated his stand, THE WORLD, stopping time or something. This allowed him to clean up Shadow Mario’s act in record time, causing a Shine Sprite to appear and Shadow Mario to attempt to escape out the window, caught with his pants literally down. Mar-Dio jumped up in victory to obtain his reward, but Toadette rushed into the room and grabbed it away, causing the Italian-Japanese Plumber to rage incoherently at the audacity of this bitch.

“You can’t have this yet, Mario! You’ll have to win it fair and square!” Toadette announced, as Mar-Dio slowly realized what was coming. That’s right, it’s fucking Mario Party again. The other 3 contestants entered the room to play, each wielding their own stupidly broken Dice Blocks. However, Mar-Dio had an ace up his sleeve. He could simply stop time and hit the dice block whenever he wanted, thus guaranteeing all his rolls. He’d have that Shine Sprite yet. What he did not anticipate was the identity of the final contestant, Ness.

Or as I like to call him, Sans. Sans Undertale.

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review triple: castylenvia lrods of shadow 2

casylevnai lords of shadow 2 is a video game for the sony pc and microsfot xbone gameplay systems. it was developed by spanish developer mercury steam, which is kinda cool since i wasn’t sure that spain knew how to make video games, let alone games with good graphics

[pictured: good graphix]

ofc. this game is part of the long-running casylevnai franchise dating back to the 80s or something. i fucking love castlevnia and followed it through many visual, mechanical and narrative changes through the years. broadly there’s two types of casltevnia games: the combat focused action games and the more rpg-styled exploration games. lorcs of shadow 2 is both, but also neither because it’s god of war. let;’s take a closer sneak peak:

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Rising Sun Reviews: Trigun

You know, something odd is that in the 4 years since I decided to make anime one of my main hobbies, I haven’t dabbled that much in any shows before the 21st century. Sure, I dipped my toes in Dragon Ball Z and Cowboy Bebop when I was just getting into the medium, but since then the only series from the 90s or earlier I’ve watched is Evangelion (and boy did I make a mistake making that one of my first series, but that’s a tale for another time). I figured that if I really wanted to sound like I actually knew shit about the medium, I would have to have to clear the dust away from the old history textbooks and do some research, and what would be a better start for this than Cowboy Bebop’s distant cousin, Trigun? Adapted from Yasuhiro Nightow’s manga, this space western is often cited as one of the forefathers of Western interest in the anime industry, thanks to its placement as one of the first programs to be shown as part of the Toonami block. But now that it’s been almost exactly 20 years since the end of its run, would it still hold up today?

On the vaguely Mad Max-esque desert planet of Gunsmoke, two insurance agents, the determined Meryl Stryfe and the taller but dimmer Milly Thompson, are on the hunt for a man feared by everyone: Vash the Stampede, the Humanoid Typhoon. This legendary outlaw has gone from rundown town to rundown town, leaving nothing but destruction in his wake, and due to this he has a massive bounty of $$60,000,000,000 (yes, that’s pronounced as “double dollars”) on his head. The two take a considerable amount of time to realize it’s Vash when they meet him, as the legends couldn’t be farther from the truth: it turns out the gunslinger is actually a diehard pacifist, who wouldn’t hurt a fly even if it was about to shoot him point-blank. The agents have no choice but to buddy up with Vash as half of the bandits on the planet rush to get a share of the bounty. To make matters worse, Vash knows little about the group of infamous assassins, hired by a mysterious client, sent after him to make his life a living hell. As Vash the Stampede is hit with challenge after challenge, eventually he would have to decide what takes priority: his pact of non-violence, or the scales of justice.

Now, let me ask you a question: how many shows have you seen where the main protagonist is so hellbent on not fighting? Sure, you may have seen heroes with a more optimistic outlook, but little to none where they swear on not shooting a single bullet or throwing a single punch. That’s why Vash is so unique of a character, or at least to a relative anime newbie like me: he goes out of his way to win every fight without fighting. It’s almost invigorating to see how this carefree, almost stupid “Humanoid Typhoon” solve every problem he faces in the most peaceful way possible. It also makes the moments where his morality is more troubled that much more compelling.

But what about our supporting cast? The aforementioned Meryl and Milly are…well, just adequate. They have their share of badass moments here and there (did I mention that Milly sports a giant minigun/trap gun combo?) but for the majority of the show, they’re mostly comic relief, with pinches of emotional support in the later half of the series, more on that in a bit. No, they’re not even the peak of it; it takes a while for him to come into the scene, but when he does, Nicholas D. Wolfwood comes damn close to overtaking Vash for the main spotlight. He might as well be an polar opposite to the Stampede in that even though he identifies as a priest, one look at him wouldn’t convince you so. He’s the full “the power of Christ compels you” package: he smokes, curses, and, God forbid we overlook, boasts the Punisher, a heaping metal crucifix that hides a machine gun, rocket launcher, and pistol rack, and may very well be one of the most awe-inspiring anime weapons I’ve ever seen. Like Vash, he has his own vast wealth of moral complexities to deal with, and a major draw of watching Trigun is seeing Vash and Wolfwood’s ideals clash, while at the same time being a strong definitely-platonic friendship that’s hard to put down once it starts.


Considering it’s a pre-2000s anime, one would expect the animation quality to be rough around the edges, but Trigun manages to look good for its time period…most of the time. Starting from the first minutes of the show, where a group of criminals literally rip a saloon in half, the series shows that when the visuals are smooth, they can be very smooth. Unfortunately, they’re also balanced by scenes affected by stiff movements and recycled frames, which is especially a shame when you realize that this production was made by Madhouse, the studio behind anime with beautiful animation like No Game No Life and Hunter X Hunter. The soundtrack, while nothing spectacular, is saved by a rocking OP (which also happens to be instrumental, something that’s few and far between in anime but is a treat whenever it does happen) along with a few memorable tracks that helped accentuate the scenes they went along with. If it’s your sort of thing, the English dub is decent if not a bit dated, which shouldn’t come as a surprise when dubbing was in its infancy in the 90s, but if anything it’s worth watching for the considerable performances by Vash and Wolfwood, not to mention some of the villains.


At the end of it all, if something like Cowboy Bebop left you craving for more, then it certainly wouldn’t hurt to give Trigun a shot. But first a warning: do not assume the first few episodes are what the entire series is about. Don’t get me wrong, they’re certainly worth enjoying, but they’re mostly comedic and episodic, focused on introducing the cast of characters even if it drags out its welcome. Once Wolfwood comes into the picture, it definitely shows signs of picking up, but it’s not until episode 12 where it really goes full throttle. The segue from a comedic tone to a serious, almost dark mood is quite something to behold, and if anything, it’s reason enough to hang on to Trigun, even if the slow pace in the beginning might deter you.

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Maschinen Krieger Gans In-box Review

Hello Minus World! Today we’ll be looking at the box and contents of the 2008 release by Wave of the Gans in 1/20th scale from the Maschinen Krieger franchise by Kow Yokoyama. Wave began making Gans kits in 2004. That release and this one only differ in the decals and an english backstory on this release. Wave last rereleased the Gans in 2016 with a new box that aligns tall instead of wide alongside the new decals. The only mechanical variant released is the 2013 issued Luna Gans. Like most model kits, this kit is primarily comprised of plastic sprues; this time the sprues are from three Nitto molds: the Neu Spotter for the head, the Kröte for the legs, and the Gans for the body and weaponry There are some multimedia pieces of vinyl cables, metal springs, and metal rods for certain aspects – mostly the head details and leg mechanism. Being that these are redone Nitto molds, none of the plastic pieces are undergated and most parts are halved – thus they require significant seam welding. When it was released, the model kit retailed for 7,344 Yen and like most Ma. K. kits, was discontinued and sold out a few months after release. I was lucky enough to pick it up for a total of 78 USD after shipping and taxes, where as most currently are sold second-hand for around 120 USD before taxes and shipping.

This is a large crewless robot that, in 1/1 scale, comes to 3.3 metres. That brings this scaled model to 16.5 centimetres tall once complete. The design encompasses the standard for the franchise of unique organic shapes mixed with mechanical details inspired by World War Two era machinery, armour, and aircraft. This particular unit towers over most other commonly seen Ma. K. designs, especially the iconic AFS (Armoured Fighting Suit) and SAFS (Super Armoured Fighting Suit) development lines.

At the start of this article, you’ve see the front of the box with Mr. Yokoyama’s wonderful artwork made specifically for this release. Following will be the sides and back of the box, with some zoomed in pictures of the statistics and backstory’s engrish.




Next we’ll take a look inside the box! What you’ll find is sealed packages containing the eight plastic sprues, a cardboard backed set of vinyl cables and metal springs, metal rods of three different sizes (0.3, 0.5, and 1.0 mm in diametre), the decal sheet, the very popular pattern card with three different canon camos and decal reference, manual, and a correction.





Looking at the manual, you can see what I described earlier about the major portions of the model kit being comprised of large portions halved. This requires a lot of work to fix, but it is a standard modeling skill: seam welding. If you’re very precise, you can actually weld it with just glue and it’ll have a smooth surface, but with such large parts, you’re going to end up with areas that need puttied and sanded back. All of the plastic parts are molded in a silverish plastic that has a very nice hardness that makes sanding even rounded parts fairly easy with some extra care put in. If you would like to see the images in more detail, a hover expanding tool such as Imagus or opening the linked image will lead to the full photograph. None of the instructions are unclear if you’ve built a model kit before and reference the front of the manual for the limited code images included. The only area that caught me up was the back of the head – you have an option between two parts but by looking at them both you can see the same female port for part A5.



And here we have the opened parts for the kit. They can be seen in more detail in the same way as the manual. There is very little flash – excess plastic from molding errors that are usually thin flaps on the sides of parts, and there’s amazing details such as premade weld marks and rivets. The 6 panzerschrecks and 6 smoke launchers are excellently detailed with easy mid-firing posing possible with the former. There is an obvious lacking in the range of motion for some of the parts’ articulation, but the intricacy in having such articulation be in would be much higher difficulty than the kit asks you to have to build out of the box. The areas that could involve improvements in articulation are the head with it lacking any tilting, the ankles and hips would really benefit with swivelling, and the body’s “midsection” as it is just rotation on the z-axis.



Overall, this is a very nice kit that I’ve enjoyed building so far, and I will create a new post once I have finished snapping it and it’ll include my planned modification to the ankles to allow a more dynamic, spread out posture in both process and result. If anyone has interest in the Maschinen Krieger universe, feel free to contact me for suggestions and guidance to purchasing any. In terms of difficulty, this would be a model kit that I would recommend skill-wise to someone who has ventured into minor modifications, especially with drilling and pinning, and has a few kits under their belt.  I hope you enjoyed looking through this and am excited to share the rest of this progress with you, Minus World!

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Diantha’s Daily Diary – 2018-06-15

This series of posts used to be on my tumblr but I feel like here is a better place to put it.

So I less woke up and more regained consciousness, last night was a bad time, and I’d rather not talk about that. For the next 3 to 4 hours I was just informing people that I am okay now, with varying degrees of results. Next I had to tend to my animals, all of which are okay – except my colony of crickets I use to feed the other animals with. Breakfast today was some raspberries on my hobo flatbreads, not exactly filling but it gets the job done, instead of regular yogurt I used greek yogurt and it came out better then usual. A nice treat. I made a bunch of extra flatbreads to snack on for later. Then I got to work on some car stuff, mostly just an oil change. It is ungodly hot today like usual and of course that has to fuck something up, so good bye laptop. It’s not like thats important or anything. The rest of the day is me being irrationally mad at everyone and everything just because of the laptop failure. I got so mad during it I just threw my 3ds, I haven’t checked if I broke it or not. I didn’t eat lunch or dinner, I instead just went to bed at 16:00 and woke up the next day.

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