Month: July 2018

Diantha’s Daily Diary – 2018-06-15

This series of posts used to be on my tumblr but I feel like here is a better place to put it.

So I less woke up and more regained consciousness, last night was a bad time, and I’d rather not talk about that. For the next 3 to 4 hours I was just informing people that I am okay now, with varying degrees of results. Next I had to tend to my animals, all of which are okay – except my colony of crickets I use to feed the other animals with. Breakfast today was some raspberries on my hobo flatbreads, not exactly filling but it gets the job done, instead of regular yogurt I used greek yogurt and it came out better then usual. A nice treat. I made a bunch of extra flatbreads to snack on for later. Then I got to work on some car stuff, mostly just an oil change. It is ungodly hot today like usual and of course that has to fuck something up, so good bye laptop. It’s not like thats important or anything. The rest of the day is me being irrationally mad at everyone and everything just because of the laptop failure. I got so mad during it I just threw my 3ds, I haven’t checked if I broke it or not. I didn’t eat lunch or dinner, I instead just went to bed at 16:00 and woke up the next day.

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Super Husky: The Origin

This post is the result of a writing exercise using five words submitted by other Minus World members.

The words were:

  • Crundle
  • Anime
  • Furry
  • Yiff
  • Super

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review 2

batmat arkam knight archan epsidoes are the DLC (downloadable levels) for the last batan arkan game that came out like 3 years ago

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Briraka’s Blunt Breviews – The Return of Godzilla

The year is 1984 and now America and Russia keep waving their nuclear dicks at each other screaming, “nuh-uh, mine’s bigger!” with Japan in the middle of this highly Freudian phallic cold warfare. So, the good boys at Toho decided to revive their most famous franchise and reboot Godzilla back into his origins as a nuclear menace.

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