Super Husky: The Origin

This post is the result of a writing exercise using five words submitted by other Minus World members.

The words were:

  • Crundle
  • Anime
  • Furry
  • Yiff
  • Super

“Dr. Bark is ready to see Margret now,” my assistant calls out to the waiting room. I hear some barking out in the hall and a balding, middle-aged man enter the room. He gives a tug to the leash in his hand, dragging his dog into the room. He closes the door behind him. I look down at his dog. She is a husky, and right away I can notice that she is lacking the energy the breed is known for.

I turn to the sink and begin washing my hands. “So what brings you two here today?” I ask.

“Margret hasn’t been feeling well for the past few days. She won’t eat and she seems fatigued.” the man replies.

I finish washing my hands and reach for a paper towel to dry them off with. “Did anything happen before then that could have been the cause?” The roll is empty so I wipe my hands off onto my lab coat.

“Well on Tuesday I brought her into the office with me. It was take your dog to work day.”

“Where do you work?”

“I work down on the other side of town, at the power plant,” he explains.

“That doesn’t seem like a good place to be taking a dog.”

“I kept a good watch on her for most of the day. She was only out of my site for a little while.”

It seems like this is just another case of something getting lodged in the intestinal track. His dog probably managed to get into some trouble at the plant. I bend down to take a look at Margret. I feel her sides, hoping to confirm my suspicions.

“There seems to be a something hard lodged in her intestines. I can feel it but we are going to need to take an x-ray to be sure.” I check her gums as well. I notice a green foam in her mouth.

The man nods and tells me that is okay. I stand up and turn around, intending to head call my assistant in to ready the x-ray machine. As soon as I stand his dog suddenly becomes full of life and lunges at my back. I feel a sharp pain in between my legs. “AH, MY CRUNDLE!” I shout in agony as I fall to the floor. I feel my pants start to get wet from the running blood as the man grabs a hold of Margret’s leash and restrains her. My vision fades as I pass out.

I wake up and see my mother standing next to me. A look of relief comes across her face as I ask her what is happening.

“Oh Boney, thank goodness. You’re awake. You passed out and were taken to the hospital after being bitten.”

I survey my surroundings. Yep, it is a hospital room. “How long was I out for?” I ask.

“Four hours” my mother replies. A man wearing a white coat walks in and explains to me that it took almost thirty stitches to sew me back up. He tells me that I am clear to go home, but I will need to stay off of my feet for a few days. He leaves and my mother and I are in the room alone again.

“What happened? Usually you’re so good with animals?” She asks, looking worried again.

“Well, sometimes when animals are sick they don’t think straight. Humans are the same. I must have done something that just happened to rub her the wrong way and set her off.”

The doctor returns to the room along with a nurse and a wheelchair. The nurse assists me into the chair and wheels me out to the entrance while my mother goes ahead to pull her car to the front entrance. Along the way the nurse explains how to take care of my wound. She gives me a packet of the same care information she just relayed and a clipboard. “Can you just sign here to verify that I explained the information in the packet to you?”

I leaf through the packet quickly to check that it is indeed the same as what she just told me. I take the pen from her hand and sign my name at the bottom of the form. “Boney Barks?” she says, reading my signature.

“Yeah, my parents thought it was cute. They didn’t really think about how I would have to suffer bullying all my life for it.”

She giggles and puts the clipboard under her arm and the pen in her pocket. My mother pulls up in her red minivan and the nurse helps me into the passenger’s seat. “You take care” she says as she shuts the car door. Together we drive to my apartment.

My mother leaves. Sitting at my desk, I pick up my phone and call the veterinary office. The receptionist answers. After she asks me how I am doing I question about Margret.

“We performed the x-ray and it seems she swallowed some uranium. We had to put her down.”

I can hear the sadness in her voice. It is always tough when we fail to save a patient. I thank her for informing me and ask her to let the director know that I will be out until the following week.

I put down my phone and log in to my computer. I begin to watch some of my favorite anime. The main character screams as he begins charging his attack. I feel a strange power welling up inside me as well. This is the most engaged I have been in an episode in a long time. The episode ends and I move on to the next one. Wait, what? Are these really my arms?

Covering all the way to the tips of my fingers is gray fur. This wasn’t here when I got home. I grab my shirt and pull it so I can look down at my chest. Yep, I am covered with gray fur there too. I stand up, bracing myself for the pain in between my legs. I feel nothing though. I walk to the bathroom and look in the mirror.

Did somebody dress me in a fursuit as a prank? I pull the fur and verify that it hurts. This is a real coat. I return to my computer and begin to research online. All I find for furry men is a lot of info on yiffing. It seems I have gained super powers. I will call myself Super Husky.

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