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My Big-3 E3 Thoughts

My Big-3 E3 Thoughts

[Warning: This content may contain spoilers for those wishing to watch the VODS unaware.]

The Big-3 have finally laid their hands out on the table for all to see (referring to Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony of course), at least for the year of 2018. Below, you will find my thoughts on each presentation. However, for the purpose of keeping the article down in size, I decided to focus specifically on my thoughts about what the Big-3 has shown in their respective news conferences. Perhaps I will cover the rest of the E3 news at a later date.
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My First E3 Watching Everything (so far)

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E3 is something that comes around every year as the place where the biggest companies in video games get together and announce things, tell us what they’re up to, and brag about all the cool things they bought.

Typically I don’t watch much of it, if anything. Most video games don’t interest me and even when they do, I’d rather just read the news later than watch lengthy conferences full of nonsense. I don’t really see any value in getting to watch a new commercial live. If you’re into that, cool, but it’s not going to put the game in my hands.

Anyway for the most part I’m not here to talk about the games themselves. I’m not watching it for the games. I’m here to watch how they present these things. Every year I see people complain about how terrible it is, or make jokes about it, and I never really sat down to watch pretty much everything. I’ve caught Sony and Nintendo once in a while, and Nintendo seems to know exactly how to be entertaining and relevant to what the people are here for and Sony is generally pretty damn watchable. These other guys? Can’t say I even remember hearing much about them but one thing that stands out is that time Microsoft announced the Xbox One and made it all about how good it is at watching TV. A brand new game console you want people to buy and you focus on how it can compete with a cable box? Ok then.

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