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A Super Review! A Beloved Series Reborn!?

A Super Review! A Beloved Series Reborn!?

Growing up with the Funimation dub of Dragonball Z on Cartoon Network, I had always wanted to see the series continue past the end of Z. Having watched both Dragonball: Battle of Gods and Dragonball: Resurrection F in movie theaters, I got what I wanted but I wanted more. Rumors were circulating about Dragonball’s return to television in the form of a new series, so I checked religiously for such news until Dragonball Super was finally announced.

Even though it may have been off to a rocky start with questionable animation and two story arcs that just covered the recent films, I would make it a Sunday tradition to watch the subtitled version shortly after each episode aired in Japan. This was before official subs were made available through Crunchyroll and not exactly legal, but I couldn’t wait for the dubbed version to arrive. Now that the series is over, for now at least, I’d like to reflect on what I loved and hated about the show.

This article may contain spoilers, so please proceed with caution!
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